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  • Yazarın fotoğrafıAhmet Serhat Acar

Times We Hate The Sun

Here I am again, ready to start

For the millionth time with a broken mind

Will my dreams come true? What do you do when you see one?

I can't help but thinking, dreaming is just a waste of time

Times we hate the sun

Came with a lie first

Fix it all one by one

Or I guess you will be cursed

Now the pain is gone, I can finally confess

Everything that happened to me, I did it to myself

Once I passed through a door, now I can't break the habit

Will somebody help me? Will someone lead me to the exit?

Times we hate the sun

Do you know when they will be gone?

Should I fix it all one by one?

Or am I already done?

In the sixteen years that's passed I've seen people blessed

I've seen people cursed, I've seen better and worse

Then one day I realized what's good is bad, what's bad is good

It depends on where you look so you gotta pull yourself together, man!

Times we hate the sun

I killed them all in a war

Sure it hurt my eyes and took my years

But I've finally closed the door



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