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  • Yazarın fotoğrafıAhmet Serhat Acar

Till Skies Find Me

No room for a new song

They checked all the boxes

Who am I fooling

I'm ready to join them

I just needed a friend

Who's within my borders

But you know what they say

Don't wait for special people

To find you, instead

Go find them yourself

Well what if those special people

Don't want you around

And if they think you suck

What do you do then

Or what if you're the absolute most special

Maybe that's my problem

Maybe the queen is dead

And I'm next of kin

Now get in line

I got rejected too many times

Won't cry for another one

Although I really wanted this one

I tend to believe it is for the good

I will end up second

In this race of humanity

Next to the giver of water and food

Still the one I hoped

To get close to most

Was my teacher but

He won't answer my calls

Our only mutual friend too is now lost

Add it to that our heroes

Being a bunch of weirdos

So no room for a new song for some time

I'll be dreaming till skies find me



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